Saturday, May 21, 2011

Medieval Faire & Feast

These two are from Jess's project and photoshoot of some of the girls in their dresses. We have 15 Konos students and we also involved some of their younger siblings to assist in serving and greeting our guests.  All told we had around 100 guests.  Each student had three main things that they created or performed - each brought an authentic Medieval dish for the feast, each presented a 6 week project and each represented a skill or job during the Middle Ages, including a banner and a coat of arms. They each also made "tokens" relating to either their booths or their projects and sold them at the faire for a penny each. Our greeters gave each guest 15 pennies and then the guests visited the faire. We had musicians, jugglers, artists, dressmakers, bakers, candlestick makers, kings and queens. There was lots to do and see. During the feast, each student presented their project and also their monologue.

Jess giving her "Eleanor of Aquitaine" monologue

 Her hair in a French Braid

Our Greeters - the sign on the right says "We take tips" HaHa!

"King Arthur"

The famous Medieval painter, "Giotto" and illuminated manucripts.

"Anna Comnena" - first woman historian and Medicinal Herbs

A "Noble woman" and Medieval Dancer
A "child from the Children's crusade" (costume) and our castle cake baker
 "Nicola De la Haye" and our Spice queen!

"Queen Isabella" and jewelry maker

Jessica's Booth - Medieval Fashions
Giotto's Artist Booth and The Medicinal Herb Booth
The Blacksmith and the Castle Builder's Booth
The Baker and the Candlestick Maker's Booths

The Bard and the Juggler's Booths

Arms and Armorers and the Spices Booths

Some scenes during the faire

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