Saturday, May 21, 2011

Easter, Pink Hats and Pink Sat.

My daughter sporting a pink hat on Easter!

Our wonderful husbands don the traditional Pink Hats to hide the eggs!
My oldest daughter made a fabulous cheesecake! Everyone was raving about it!
Relaxing around the tables after a wonderful Easter dinner.

Even the older kids got into the act - it was fun for everyone - from 7 to 70!

Be sure to link up with Beverly over at How Sweet the Sound and share some pink fun! 


Richard Cottrell said...

Just saw that you came to visit my Blog, My Old Historic House. Wanted to say thanks and stop by and see you too. I am your'e newest follower. Thanks so much. Richard

Holly said...

Hi Tricia~
What a beautiful family you have! There is nothing better than being surrounded by all of them. What a joyous time you must've had.
Thank you for stopping by and here's wishing you a very Happy Pink Weekend. =0)

Nicole Blean said...

Beautiful! Love your blog! Love the blog bookshelf! I'm inspired--I'm going to put one on my blog, too.

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hi Tricia,

Your daughter is lovely. ♥ And I love that pink hat....hubby looks good in pink {giggle} :0)

Have a wonderful week filled with Pink Sparkles!

Stephanie ♥

Pat said...

I love your pink hat Easter story - such a wonderful tradition!

Daniella said...

Thanks for visiting me yesterday!! I see from you "about me", that we have much in common!! I actually took Latin for 4 years, and you never hear about anyone taking it anymore. It is wonderful that you teach it too!! I also art journal, and it is so a delight to see others who do the same. I love the bloom where you are planted page you made!
You have a very lovly family!! Your Easter looked wonderful!!

Marti McClure said...

What a wonderful Easter tradition! My mom always bought me an Easter hat, and I'm sure some years it was pink. I really enjoyed all of the photos of you special family day, and what a wonderful and crazy family you must have. The men sure look like great sports! Happy Pink Saturday!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Love the guys in the pink hats...what good sports they are! And I loved seeing the hiding of the eggs. I miss Easter Egg hunts and all that fun stuff. That first photo of your daughter is my fave. She's so pretty. Happy belated Pink Saturday. xo