Monday, February 17, 2014

Tags For Tag Swap - "Dick and Jane" & "Birthstone Colors"

These are the last 2 sets of tags for the tag swap I was in. The first set have the theme "Think Dick and Jane".


The second set has the theme of "Birthstone Colors"

These tags have now made their way on to their respective owners and the tag swap is officially over for me. I really enjoyed these miniature works of art and seeing how each participant interpreted the various themes. I would definitely participate in something like this again. Next up - a fabric book.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Altered Book - Mock-up Spread - Vintage Europe

For each of the altered book round robin pages, I make a mock-up in a book that I will keep for myself. It has a two-fold purpose - one is that I get to try things and experiment with my ideas and not have to worry about ruining someone else's book and the other is that I end up with a book of similar work that I did for other people. It is a little extra work, but well worth it. This is the mock up I did of the Princess Elizabeth spread that I posted previously. You can see subtle differences between the two.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Princess (Queen) Elizabeth Spread for Altered Book Round Robin

This is the finished piece for the altered book round robin that I did for the book with the theme of Vintage Europe. I did two spreads, one of Princess Margaret and one of Princess (later Queen) Elizabeth.

Here is the final spread of Princess Margaret plus a few close-ups.