Saturday, March 17, 2012

Book of Days & Paint Party Friday

I have been having a great deal of fun doing Book of Days with Effy Wild. She is offering this year-long course free of charge and it has been so inspiring. I can't believe her generosity. The basic idea is that you do one two-page spread and one multi-day spread each week, along with a two-page spread for special days like holidays and birthdays, etc. She has two videos a week and a Wednesday dispatch. She also does a live stream once or twice a week. It is absolutely unbelievable how much creativity you can experience free of charge. You can still sign up for her course here. She also offers a premium course if you prefer more privacy and personal interaction.  She walks you through everything you need to get started.

I chose a short-hand text book that I picked up at Salvation Army for under a dollar. One of the important aspects for a book that is going to take this much painting, adding, etc. is that it has a sewn binding. You have to remove lots of pages so that the altered pages fit. Good quality paper for the pages is also a definite plus.

I have been doing pretty well at keeping up each week. I am going to post a few of the beginning parts of the book today.  She also encouraged us to choose a word for the year to focus on. Mine is "Humility", which was a word that God kept laying on my heart for several weeks leading up to the start of this book. I just felt it was going to be my word for the year.

This is the cover of my book. The paper along the right side of the book came in a wonderful package I received from Patty Symkowicz when I won a drawing from her blog. I just felt it was so beautiful that I wanted to include it on the cover.

This is the inside covers where Effy asked us to write a letter to say goodbye to 2011 and hello to 2012. She challenged us to use an envelope in our spread. The photo is not a very good one, partly because I couldn't get rid of the shadow on the left side and the metallic paint on the envelopes caused the camera to go a bit wonky.

This is the first two-page spread that I did celebrating Jan. 1 - Happy New Year.  I used a decoupaged napkin, stickers and a cut-out from a calendar page.

This is my first Monday spread using Effy's recommended theme of "looking ahead". It has lots of layers, paint, ink stamping and collage pieces. This is one of my favorite spreads.

This is my first multi-day spread for the first week in January. I journaled a bit about each day. I painted the background yellow and then used post-it notes to mask off the writing squares when I painted the rest of the page. More stickers, stamping and ink sprays finished it off.

Well that is a look into my first week of Book of Days. You should really check out Effy's blog and her Book of Days course. It is not to late to start.

I am also linking up with Paint Party Friday. You can hop over there and check out many wonderful artists who are sharing their passion for painting. They are such a wonderful, friendly and welcoming group of people who are always encouraging. It has been a blessing to me to find this Friday party.
Paint Party Friday

That's it for today! We are having a rare spell of fabulous March weather, so I am going to go out and enjoy some of it. Blessings to you all.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Altered Book Spread & Paint Party Friday

Trust Your Muse
This is one of my favorite altered book spreads. I enjoyed making this one very much. I am linking up with Paint Party Friday put on by two lovely ladies, Eva and Kristen. This week they are having a fabulous give-away celebrating the one-year anniversary of PPF. Head over and link up to enter, and also check out some wonderful art while you are there! I am so pleased I have found PPF, as I find I am painting more and more in my books and also painting on other surfaces now. It is quite an inspiration.

I am also enjoying working in my Book of Days, a free workshop by Effy Wild. I am using an old shorthand book and altering it. It has been so rewarding. I will be posting a few pics of it, too, as I go along.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Door Decoration for Latin Class

This fall we had a door decorating contest and the elementary Latin classes won. Here is a picture of our winning door. The leaves and flowers all had Latin words on them that related to good character and kind and serving behaviors. Even the 2nd graders were able to participate. For winning, we got a pinata filled with candy and all the children got at least one swing at the pinata. My son helped, making sure the pinata was more difficult to hit by the older students.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Doodles Unleashed Glam Girl & Paint Party Friday

Here is my finished version of the Glam Girl from Strathmore's Workshop by Traci Bautista.

I'm linking up with Paint Party Friday.