Friday, February 11, 2011

Strathmore Art Workshop Project 1

I have been participating in an online workshop sponsored by Strathmore which can be found at this link:  Workshop one, Recycled Journal Pages, is taught by Pam Carriker. The neat thing about the workshops are that they are self paced. You just enter your workshop and there you find a video, a supply list and instructions. Plus there are lots of discussions going on by participants. This is my first ever workshop like this - either live or virtual. It has been so much fun. I believe you can still join in. I am also signed up for the other two workshops. And best of all, they are FREE! It is an awesome opportunity. Here is my project in stages:

Step 1

This is the first step, in which you glue down pieces of copies of previous artwork onto a single water color sheet in the journal. These pieces were selected from some of my altered book art. The black and white tree is actually from a doodle/zentangle card made for me by my youngest daughter.

Step 2

This step involves journaling, shading with charcoal and oil pastels and then covering with thinned gesso. I addes the bird during this step, along with the shell, feather and oval seal.

Step 3

In this step, you continue to shade with acrylic paint, oil pastels and also fill in the negative space with textures. In this step, much of the journaling is mostly hidden.

Step 4

This is the final step in which the colors are revitalized and any additional journaling and shading are added.  This is a photo, so the colors don't really show up that well. But overall, I was pleased with my first attempt. I felt like I learned so much, just with this first attempt. I tried a few others, which I will post later. One thing I learned while doing this is just how much I DON'T know! But I highly recommend it. I just truly enjoyed the entire process.

Below I have included the pages from which I drew my pieces for the above artwork. Can you tell where the parts came from?

This last doodle in black in white was done by my daughter as part of a card for me. I really liked incorporating that into the image! I know that I will be doing more of this type of art. It is really fun!

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ArtZhodgepodge said...

love your pages. I am having so much fun doing this workshop too.