Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Favorite Christmas Ornament - Pink Saturday

I am late getting my Pink Saturday post up today, but it is Christmas time, after all. We finally got our Christmas tree decorated last night. For this week's Pink Saturday post, Miss Beverly over at How Sweet the Sound has asked us to write something about our favorite Christmas ornament. You can also swing by her blog to find other Pink Saturday posts today.

I can't really pick one favorite ornament, but I will share a couple of ornaments that are especially meaningful to me. The first one represents what I hope our family will always remember about Christmas - that even though Santa is lots of fun, the season is really about the birth of Jesus Christ. We hope to always keep Christ in Christmas and even Santa stops to worship the newborn King.

The two ornaments that follow are ornaments made by women in Thailand. Our church has helped to develop jobs for women who have been brought out of prostitution and make things that we sell here in the U.S. to help them provide a living for themselves and their families. I don't know if you can see the detail, but the needlework on these ornaments is absolutely exquisite. I bought these ornaments many years ago, but they still are very meaningful to me.

And for today, the blog I would like to highlight is Lady Katherine's Tea Parlor.  She has a lovely blog and has just made it back to blogland after some difficult surgery. Please stop over to her blog and enjoy the sights and sounds of a lovely Southern Bungalow and share some get well wishes.

I hope all of my friends in blogland have a wonderful and generous and meaningful Christmas season!

And one last ornament - My vintage Barbie in the Red Silken Flame outfit.


Anonymous said...

Very nice dear. The tree is beautiful and puts us all in a more festive mood. My favorite time is when you and the girls do the finishing touches -- hanging all the sentimental ornaments we have collected over the years. And my least favorite part of decorating the tree is discovering how many strings of lights don't work and how many strings of lights I can short out trying to replace one bulb.

g said...

What lovely thoughts you've posted about Christmas and the deeper meaning behind the pretty ornaments.

And then there's Barbie!!! The best!

Happy Pink Saturday!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, Tricia... those ornaments made by the women trying to change their lives made me tear up. How special a ministry that is! I loved seeing this. And on a different note, I can't resist a Barbie! That one looks like Jackie O, only she would have been Jackie K back then. For some reason, I never really thought about it, but someone mentioned they believed that Bubble-haired Barbie was modeled after her. And I can definitely see it! She was the fashion plate of fashion plates, and no one has been as stylish since.

Loved this post. Happy Pink Saturday!


Sheila :-)


What a great cause your church is selling ornaments for. something most people would not think of. I love your santa ornament , reminding us the reason for the season. Also love the Barbie. Blessings!

Claudia said...

Hi Tricia - love the Barbie ornament! The ornaments made by the women in Thailand are just beautiful and what a good cause! Happy Pink Saturday!

Pam said...

Lovely Christmas ornaments. The Barbie brings back memories of Christmas past.

Happy Pink Saturday.

pinkkandy said...

I love the Santa kneeling at Jesus many people have pushed Jesus right out of Christmas...
God Bless

Lady Katherine said...

Hi, Nice to here from a fellow Mississippian! Thank you for visiting and highlighting my blog. I love your ornaments and your dining room. I'm still weak and having a few problems from surgery. I hope to be back blogging on a regular basic in a few months. Takes me a while to type. You do not have a following you should put one up. I am going to add you by feed to my blog list. I live near Jackson, where did you live?

LemonyRenee' said...

Ha! You and your "red silken flame outfit" are so cute! Nice ornaments and touching story behind the two, too. Merry Christmas!

peggy gatto said...

My mom's favorite ornament was a santa and baby jesus!!!!
thanks for the memory!
Her grand daughter has it now!