Friday, October 30, 2009

A Blog Award and Six Things You Never Knew About Me

I received my very first blog award - thanks so much to Renee over at Of Lemons and Honey. Please take a minute and go over and visit her very FUN blog.

This award comes with the obligation to tell you six things about me that you don't already know and then pass the award along to six other blogs. I'll be listing the blogs in a separate post.

Six things you don't know about me - well, let's see - here goes:

I graduated from high school a year early and started college when I was sixteen.  Although I was No. 1 in my class of 343 I was not given the Valedictorian award because I graduated in 3 years and the School Board Superintendent's son was next in line for it. They didn't give me Salutatorian either! He got a full-ride scholarship to Ole Miss and I got - well, nothing.  Oh well, I survived.

I smoked my first and only cigarette when I was about six years old and was out hunting a Christmas tree with my family and my friend's family. She said - "Let's sneak a cigarette from our dads." And I said - "Why sneak? Let's just ask for one!" So...I asked my dad and he said "Sure!"  He gave me a puff off of his and I coughed for the next hour.  I've never wanted another cigarette since! One of the smartest things my dad ever did for me.

I love soccer and played midfielder and forward for some twenty years. I started as an adult, which means I was never awesome, but I held my own and helped the team.

I helped to start our church, Sunrise Baptist, along with three other families.  Our first church meeting was in my living room and I taught that day.

 A few years ago we put on an authentic Thanksgiving. It was great fun. Here is a link to pictures of the event.  Authentic Thanksgiving '05

 I recently lost 48 pounds and now I'm just trying to keep it off.

OK I know some of you know some of these things - but I bet none of you knew ALL of them.

Happy Friday! Here's a closing fall picture of Duncan Bay Boat Club in the fall.

Panacea getting ready to go to bed for the winter. : (


CC said...

What a wonderful award and a sweet post. Happy Pinks Saturday..have a safe and happy Halloween.


So many interesting facts about you! I love that you started up your own church! Pink Blessings!

Renee' said...

I LOVE the cigarette story! I'll have to remember that one, except . . . I don't smoke. Hmmm . . .

Great Thanksgiving pictures, that must have been really something special.