Friday, October 07, 2005

Why "Altered Schoolmarm"

No, it is not an "altered" state of mind, as in doing mind altering drugs, as some have guessed. The name refers to "altering" art in such a way as to make it your own. Lots of people alter books, boxes, journals, even small suitcases or lunchboxes, to make them reflect their own creations. People tend to use collage, add on 3 dimensional stuff, like keys, charms, match books, anything they like.

So....I am a schoolmarm (teacher) of sorts - but do it my own, and hopefully creative - way. The title combines two of my favorite things - altering art and teaching my kids at home. There is nothing quite like getting to be around your kids and to really get to know them. That is one of the great joys of my life.

The two scans are of a journal that I "altered" for my daughter, Kate, a couple of years ago for her birthday. It was a cheap journal that I bought at the dollar store and "improved", although I did like the fact that it had scripture quotes all through it.

I think the thing I like the most about "altering" art is that there are no right or wrong ways to do it, so there are no mistakes and therefore no stress. I have enough stress in my life without adding to it with my creative endeavors.
Stop every now and then. Just stop and enjoy. Take a deep breath. Relax and take in the abundance of life. - Anonymous


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