Saturday, November 19, 2011

Last Rose of Summer - Pink Saturday

Below is a picture of our last little surviving rose from Summer. It is from my Fairy rose bush which often has the first blooms of summer and the last. She is a wonderful rose - requires almost no care and produces bountifully all season long.

Photograph by Jessie Leng - An Organized Madness Photography
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CraveCute said...

Love your little rose! You are lucky to have them so long. I used to have a Fairy rose bush years ago when I lived in a warmer climate. I also posted about roses today, thinking back on summer before the snow comes!

LV said...

With the crazy Texas weather, some of my roses are in full bloom. In fact doing better than all year.

tami said...

That is so special to still have a pink rose! Happy Pink Saturday..xo Tami

John said...


Dad in Pink, have a great Thanksgiving to you all!

A Touch of Grace said...

What a beautiful, strong pink rose...makes me sad that she's the last.