Saturday, March 05, 2011

Being Creative - "Art Journaling Page: Paris" & Pink Sat.

Happy Pink Saturday!

This is another two-page spread that I have done in my Altered Book/Art Journal. I tried to use some of the techniques used in Strathmore's Pam Carriker's Art Journaling class as far as shading and blending. The red page on the right opens up and has more journaling inside. I have really enjoyed using the new techniques-it definitely gives the pieces more depth.  The background is a map of Paris that I had.

This is a great example of how to learn - taking an online class. This Strathmore Art Journaling class has been fantastic because it is free. I don't know if I would have had the courage to try it if I had to fork out lots of money to take it. But now that I have gotten my feet wet, I might try one that I have to pay for. But for now there are two more workshops - on that just started yesterday and one that starts May 1. Taking this class sure has opened my eyes to new things that I don't think I could have figured out on my own.

Another of my favorite ways to learn is through magazines like Somerset Studio, Art Journaling, Artful Blogging and more. They are just great to look through for ideas and links and also often have tutorials that help me to learn.

And today I would love to highlight a new blogger that I have recently discovered! Karen over at
A Scrapbook of Inspiration. She has the most wonderful blog and the most beautiful creations. You will just love her blog and her work and be blessed by your visit, I am sure!  I am in awe of her wonderful creations. Here is a peek at one of her wonderful creations!
Photo and creation by Karen at A Scrapbook of Inspiration

I am linking up today with Beverly over at How Sweet the Sound to celebrate another Pink Saturday. Head over there to see more wonderful "Pink" posts.

I missed the linking up over at Gorgeous and Fun this week for Being Creative 2, but thought I'd post anyway.  You can go over to her blog and see links to other posts on "Being Creative".
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liberal sprinkles said...

Hi Tricia, I love the pages. I haven't taken any online craft classes but this sounds like a great place to start!
Thanks for visiting my post and commenting!

KarenHarveyCox said...

Your journal pages are gorgeous. I just took an on-line class to learn how to use layering on Photoshop. It was free and wonderful. Stampington Magazines are my staple in life. I learn so much just browsing through them and gleaning ideas and inspiration.

I am going to link up on Sunday for Amisha's Being Creative party.


Amisha said...

Hi Tricia,
I love these pages. You are inspiring me! I find that I can work on just backgrounds or just foreground work. I am trying to learn to combine the two.

Apologies for not being able to link up! I found that people were losing steam after a couple of days so I let the linking close. But please, please feel free to add this and your new link this Sunday!


KarenHarveyCox said...

Thank you so much for mentioning my blog and you can always use any photo on my blog. I too am a book person...children's books, old and rare books, and books for decoration. I even restore artwork from old books and make bookplates and prints. I am obsessed. Once I saw these stacks of books with the covers gone and tied in string everywhere, I couldn't wait to embellish them. I took an on-line class with Kim Klassen and her videos are wonderful. She even gives you backgrounds to use for free every Friday. I use Photoshop Elements 9. I took her skinny-mini class which was free and joined her The Test Kitchen group.

So lovely to meet you.


Thank you again for the mention.

Cindy Lew's Studio said...

Hi Tricia, I love the pages. Are you taking the 2nd online class with Strathmore Journaling? I just started and finally finished my pockets yesterday. I am so sorry I missed the one with Pam Carriker, she is my favorite artist, well along with a few others, like Kelly Rae Roberts. They are all inspirations to me.

Enjoy your day!!!

Happy Pink Saturday
Warm Wishes, CindyLew

Dru said...

Just beautiful Tricia - I love this kind of work and just never seem to get or make the time for it! Such lovely inspiration. Happy Pink Saturday!

Mermaids of the Lake said...

Tricia, your altered journal pages are beautiful! Love your gorgeous, peaceful and inspiring blog too! Thank you for visiting us. Happy PS!

~Debbie and Shelley

Anonymous said...

Tricia, I love to alter books and have done many myself; you've got me inspired to create another; and thanks for the tips on these online classes; Terri

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hi Tricia,

I love what you've added to your journal. I've not taken any classes online or landbased. So many of of the online classes are video driven and I can't stream video well as all with my 3G wireless internet connection. However, I love the Somerset Publications...they offer a world of inspiration.

Thanks so much for visiting with me and Happy Pink!

Stephanie ♥

Gabriela Delworth said...

Happy Pink Saturday!

Beautiful journal pages!

~ Gabriela ~

pinkkandy said...

Happy sweet and sugary Pink Saturday...God Bless you and keep you this week...

Novelty Pens said...

I love what you've done... it gives it depth and texture... Very Nice!