Saturday, March 19, 2011

What Art is to Me

Art, to me, is a new-found passion after years of performing as a research chemist using the left side of my brain. It is also a way to deal with my perfectionist tendencies. I especially like altered art and art journaling where there is no real right or wrong. It is my time to relax and just be myself and let myself play. I think I might have been artistic once as a child and it has been a lot of fun rediscovering that passion now. It has also given me a way to connect with others with similar interests, which is also a lot of fun. Below are a few examples of my foray into the artistic realm:
Copy of Brown Creeper  I drew a while back
Another Vintage Bunny Card for Swap
Art Journal Page in Progress
This week's topic over at Gorgeous and Fun's Being Creative Blog Party  is:
"What counts as creative time, how much time do you need to create?"

This is a very interesting question. For me, creative time is more than just being in my studio creating. It also includes creativity sparking - and I accomplish that in a variety of ways. One is browsing through other creative blogs. This is a great way to get inspired, learn new things and meet wonderful people.  Another way is to visit local Scrapbooking stores, art stores, etc. That can really get you going as you see new products and new ways to use old products. As I've already mentioned before, one of my most favorite ways is to look through creative magazines such as Somerset Studio.

But probably the most important of all is - as Nike says - "Just Do It!" So spending time in my art room playing is the number one way that I classify as creative time. I tend to get frustrated if I don't get some time to spend in there, and if my life is busy with other priorities, which is most every day, I tend to obsess over when I can get back to my art. This is a nice time of my life where I can actually spend time there, now that my children are older. So I look forward to spending more time in there in the future.
If you want to play along with the Being Creative Blog Party, drop by Amisha's place and join in the fun. I know you will be glad you did. It is a great way to spark your creativity!


Amisha said...

Oh Tricia, we must be creative twins. You know that I use the left side of my brain of work.

And I get restless if I haven't created for a while. And "Just do it", that is one of my favorite slogans along with "Oh, the possibilities".

So when I was reading your post, I kept thinking wow I am so glad that there is someone out there who feels the way I do!

Thank you again for sharing!

ornamentsbypink said...

Hi Tricia, actually there is no right or wrong with my ornaments either! I made up my own way of making these little antique style ornies because there are no patterns or directions. We just have to create what we like!
Have a creative day!

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Oh it's so nice to hear someone who feels the same way I do about creativity! All your art is so beautiful and so varied. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Hi Tricia,
Love your art work !

Thank you for your prayers dear.