Thursday, February 05, 2009

Treacherous but Beautiful Skiing

Ron and I decided to check out some of the x-country skiing down in Petosky, and after driving around for a while trying to find a place to ski, we finally settled on this location near the local college. Since we knew nothing really and had read that the trails were groomed, it was flat and went along the river, we thought it would be a good choice. It was really cold out, so I was hoping for an easy trail that we could go relatively fast on to get good exercise and stay warm - and hopefully, the scenery would be nice. didn't quite turn out like I expected. Whoever wrote about the trail should have defined "groomed" and "flat", as those were terms used pretty lightly in the write-up. It turned out to be somewhat treacherous for me, although, of course, dh didn't have any problems. The trail was packed down, but hardly what I would call "groomed". I fell several times. There were times where we had to travel over bridges that were barely wider than our skiis. We couldn't really travel fast enough to keep very warm, and I was exhausted from falling and trying to get up. "Help - I've fallen and I can't get up!" was my chant! But on the plus side, it was truly beautiful. And I got some good photos, although I had left the better camera in the car : ( So if I ever go there again, I will know what to expect and be more prepared.

My dh took me out for coffee afterwards to reward me for such a trying time. : )

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Elizabeth Golden said...

Wow did this bring back memories. We used to cross country all the time when I lived in Michigan. Your pictures are great. I loved your post on reconnecting. How true.