Thursday, June 27, 2013

"Being a Mom" - Altered Art

Being a mom is the most amazing, fulfilling and ecstatic experience there is and at the same time, terrifying, frustrating and full of difficulties. A mom loves her child with all of her being and that love never changes. And yet, when they are older, living out that love is a difficult task. Knowing whether to say something or keep quiet, whether to try to teach or let them learn on their own, acting on your feelings or holding back - always, it is a balancing act. And so often, no matter what you choose to do, you are misunderstood and rejected. You don't know what your child is thinking or how they are interpreting your actions, words or lack of either. Only later, you might find out that things were totally interpreted opposite of what you meant. And by then it is too late - the damage has been done. Lost opportunities are only seen in retrospect. Words unsaid, hugs unhugged, feelings unshared, trust undemonstrated. Only grace will allow rebuilding. Grace and unconditional love. May I ever seek to increase grace and unconditional love for all of my children. This is my prayer.

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