Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tag Booklet as Bridal Shower Activity

I hosted a bridal shower recently and this is the tag booklet we made for the bride. The bride is from another country and had not met the groom's family and friends before, so I came up with this idea as a way of bringing memories or advice into her life, along with a keepsake. Also, the bride and groom are moving to China for a year after the wedding, so large gifts were not very suitable, hence the shipping tag idea.

I mailed out shipping tags with the shower invitations and asked each guest to write one of three things on one side of the tag: 1) a favorite memory of the groom, 2) a favorite marriage advice or 3) a favorite Bible verse. Then the guests brought the tag to the shower and we decorated the other side and connected them together with a ring.  Also, if an invitee could not make it, I just asked them to mail the tag, and we completed the decorating.

To add to the fun, we had the bride vote for her top three, and the winners got to take home one of the table decorations.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Book of Days - More Pages

My two page spread for the First Day of Spring - I had fun with this one.

I theoretically joined a challenge to attempt to copy 3 Modilgliani paintings, but I only did one and never posted it. But I really enjoyed reading about his story and the tragic story of his lover, Jeanne Hébuterne. She was born 2 years before my grandmother and had such a tragic life. So I chose a portrait of her.
The left tip in is an attempt at water color from the Strathmore Workshops. It opens up for more journaling, which you can see below.

The water color tip-in opened up here.

This is another spread that is a multi-fold-out. Opened up here and folded closed below. I also have a tip-in from a happy mail card I received from Elizabeth Helwig.
I am pretty far behind in my BODs, but I'm hoping that the summer will allow me to catch up. I hope to be returning the blessings for my Happy Mails and swaps.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Book of Days Pages

More Book of Days pages - I'm pretty far behind on posting.

Friday, June 01, 2012

Finally, A New Post - More Book of Days

I have been incredibly busy with things that have had to take priority over arting and blogging, even though I have missed blogging terribly. I have continued to do a little art here and there, but not as much as I would like. One thing that was a big set back was that my computer crashed and I lost my photos that I had already prepared to post. We had three family birthdays, spring break, my daughter's high school graduation, her graduation open house, a wedding shower, a wedding, end of the year teaching, and my husband finding out he needs a hip replacement. Good times, but lots of busyness.

So I am just posting a couple of pictures from my Book of Days.

"What Brings Me Joy" Flap closed

"Home" Flap open