Friday, June 01, 2012

Finally, A New Post - More Book of Days

I have been incredibly busy with things that have had to take priority over arting and blogging, even though I have missed blogging terribly. I have continued to do a little art here and there, but not as much as I would like. One thing that was a big set back was that my computer crashed and I lost my photos that I had already prepared to post. We had three family birthdays, spring break, my daughter's high school graduation, her graduation open house, a wedding shower, a wedding, end of the year teaching, and my husband finding out he needs a hip replacement. Good times, but lots of busyness.

So I am just posting a couple of pictures from my Book of Days.

"What Brings Me Joy" Flap closed

"Home" Flap open

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Deb (DeeJae) said...

Lovely pages! Some times limited time for art brings out the best. I understand "busy" - since mid-April my schedule has been full and still is for a few more weeks.

Blessings! :-)