Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Book of Days - More Pages

My two page spread for the First Day of Spring - I had fun with this one.

I theoretically joined a challenge to attempt to copy 3 Modilgliani paintings, but I only did one and never posted it. But I really enjoyed reading about his story and the tragic story of his lover, Jeanne Hébuterne. She was born 2 years before my grandmother and had such a tragic life. So I chose a portrait of her.
The left tip in is an attempt at water color from the Strathmore Workshops. It opens up for more journaling, which you can see below.

The water color tip-in opened up here.

This is another spread that is a multi-fold-out. Opened up here and folded closed below. I also have a tip-in from a happy mail card I received from Elizabeth Helwig.
I am pretty far behind in my BODs, but I'm hoping that the summer will allow me to catch up. I hope to be returning the blessings for my Happy Mails and swaps.

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