Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pink Saturday

I'm back! I took a few weeks off to get finished with the school year and take care of chores that had been sitting patiently waiting for me to complete them. So this week I'm back and will be joining Beverly over at How Sweet the Sound for Pink Saturday. I have missed visiting all of the talented bloggers that share each week the pinkness in their lives. Today I am going to share a smattering of "pinks" from the last few weeks.

May Tulip in Our Yard

Crab Apple Tree Blossoms - Our city is known for its Crab Apple Trees.
Another May tulip : Lone Ranger planted by a squirrel in our side-lawn

Flower bouquet presented to me by my dh at the Medieval Feast  - my last hurrah of teaching at the Home School High School Co-op.
Beautiful gazebo along our historic main street with pink flowering tree in the background

Happy Pink Saturday to all my "pink" friends and especially Beverly,our wonderful hostess!



LV said...

Glad you were out and found all these great pinks. I enjoyed visiting and seeing the flowers.

Emily said...

Trica, your pinks are glorious. I love crabapple blossoms, we planted two last year. Happy Pink.....

The French Hutch

Pat said...

Welcome back to PS! Your flowers are glorious!!!!