Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Newest Altered Book & Pink Sat.

Finished Pages and Tag
Last week I finished up a two-page spread that I was doing with my book on the theme "Butterflies".  This was a mock-up or practice try before I worked in a round-robin book that I am in. It was my first time to work in someone else's book, so I was pretty nervous. I opted to experiment in my own book first. Her book turned out slightly differently than mine did, but I really liked both of them. Mine is a little more "vintage" and a little darker; hers is a little more bright and happy. Here is my process. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures when I was starting out, but basically, I gessoed the pages, sanded them and then decopauged a paper napkin down. Then I painted the surface with some diluted gesso to tone down the color.  I used a different napkin above than the one below and then I glued on some matching ribbon and rubber stamped and inked the edges.

Next I used spray color over an old plastic table runner and used acrylic paint and I pencil eraser for the dots. I then rubber stamped and embossed the butterflies.

After this was done, I added the dress figure that I made, the fan, the flower and the tag. I cut a slit through part of the pages to make a pocket for the tag to slip into. I also inked and embossed the slit opening to keep it from fraying or tearing.

And then I stamped the quote on and added the brown velvet ribbon. I also put some swirls on my painted dots with a glitter gel pen and added some of the glittery gel pen to the flower. That doesn't show up very well on the photos, but in real life it adds a lot of interest. I also stamped a few smaller butterflies all around in the background.

I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. I'm linking up with Beverly over at How Sweet the Sound. Head over there and check out all of the wonderful pink posts.


JJ Sobey said...

Love the soft femininity of this, and the kimono is outstanding!

Gerri Herbst said...

My goodness what a beautiful altered book. Your colors and stamping are marvelous. What a book! take care, gerri

LV said...

I guess I am really behind time. I am not familiar with what you are doing. Whatever, it looks very pretty. said...

Wow -- You are SO talented, Tricia. This is just lovely and perfect for PINK Saturday.

Hope you have a lovely week.


milkcan said...

How gorgeous!

Kimberly Gruber said...

Hi Tricia!
Love your journal spread a lot! I also really love your blog, especially the header. I'm a big bird fan. I also noticed your a homeschool mom as well! Good to know you and glad you stopped by for a visit. Can't wait to see more of your journals!

Kimberly Gruber said...

I forgot to tell you, I use Golden's soft gel gloss and transparencies for my image transfers. I put a coat down of gel med. and have my image already printed on trans. and lay it down in the gel and brayer over it and leave it for a few minutes or so. Then peel back the transparency and image is there. Not perfect, but this has been the best method for me. Hope this makes sense..

Amisha said...

Looks lovely!

LisaTaz said...

This is really pretty. I like how you took pictures of the steps along the way, it really helps to see the different layers. I love the addition of the tag, it's like a mini canvas all on its own. Beautiful work!