Monday, April 18, 2011

Being Creative #9: Big and Small Ideas

"Big and Small Ideas. Things that I have come to learn along the way," is the topic for the Being Creative Blog Party over at Amisha's place at Gorgeous and Fun Things.  Stop over and check out other Big and Small Ideas being shared over there. I think you will learn something useful!

I usually smile when I look back at my first altered books because they look so - well - like a beginner made them. And that is just what I was. I think the biggest thing I have learned it that I need to be intentional and just make art, or I won't get very far.  Experience is truly the best teacher.

Another thing I have learned is to just have fun. For me, making art is not about impressing anyone else - it is just for my own enjoyment. That keeps it fun for me. I don't have to perform for anyone. I am actually shocked when someone actually likes what I do. My two daughters have been my biggest cheerleaders. That gives me a lot of joy, as well. When they really like my work, I am sort of incredulous, but happy just the same.

I am like Amisha. I tend to do a lot of different things. I jump from one thing to another, because I am easily bored. Lately I have migrated from doing as much in altered books and more into art journaling. Last year I was all about felting old sweaters and making purses. I think I just love to learn new things. I love trying new techniques and seeing how it all turns out.

Now I will share a project from a couple of summers ago. My daughter and I make this tray from an old frame, some paint, hardware and some scrapbooking paper. I love how it turned out!

This tray now resides in my daughter's shabby chic apartment. We did several layers of paint - black and then white. We put vaseline on the black before painting on the white in places where we wanted the white to rub off to achieve the worn look. I think this is one of my favorite projects.

Gorgeous and Fun Things


Leann said...

Hi Tricia

I have to say that I love your "philosophy" about creating art. I would in no way call myself an artist, but I love to create. The tray is so pretty and thanks for the vaseline tip.

Enjoy your week and thanks for stopping by The Old Parsonage.


Amisha said...

Hi Tricia,
That tray looks fantastic! Wow, I absolutely love it. I really like art that can also be used.

And yep, we are so alike. I hate repeating the same design again, to me repeating the same thing gets boring.

And yeah for such great daughters! Creative and nice :-). In my case, my mom and hubby are the ones to cheer me on!

Thank you so much for participating, you have no idea how happy it makes me.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Your tray is so lovely! Every one that I've made I've ended up giving away as a gift. Maybe your tray is a reminder to make one for myself this summer. ;)

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hi Tricia,

I think a lot of us enjoy the journey of learning something new. I love the tray that you and your daughter made. I keep meaning to link up at Amisha's and get sidetracked.

I've posted a few cards that I've made...I guess I'm like a lot of others too that are hesitant to show some of what they create for thinking it's not good enough. I think we are our own worst critic. Anyhow, I'd love for you to come and look. I've got a mini quilt in progress too but haven't posted it yet.

Pink Sparkles for your day,
Stephanie ♥