Friday, March 12, 2010

Success to Parenting

My good friend has worked with families, kids and juvenile delinquents for many years. He has a new website on Parenting that is really awesome. Here is an excerpt from his website Success to Parenting: He has great insights and is a strong Christian.

PostHeaderIcon List of Factors That Influence Teens’ Negative Behavior

Listed below are several factors that contribute to the negative behavior of teenagers. It’s important to understand these factors in order to properly respond to their issues. These factors were identified and discussed during a workshop with teachers. The more we understand the behavior of children and teenagers, we will have gain sufficient knowledge to teach them how to deal with life’s issues.

Responses to question why do students get in trouble?

  1. Peer pressure
  2. Lack of good decision making skills
  3. Poor home environment
  4. Lack of attention
  5. Lack of skills to perform specific tasks
  6. Lack of parental supervision and involvement
  7. Lose-lose situations no matter how hard they try
  8. Lack of motivation
  9. No way out of their situation
Society needs to work together to help our children and teens to fill the void they have in their lives. The family is the heart of society. Parents have the power to influence and impact the hearts of their children to make right choices.  Those of us in the profession of providing services to families can equip parents with additional tools needed to ensure the success of their children.

So if you have questions about parenting, please check out his website:
Success to Parenting.

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