Saturday, November 08, 2008

Jess in Chinese Cultural Festival

Today Jess performed in the Chinese Cultural Festival at the Center for the Arts. The dance they did was called "Dun Huang Fantasia" and was beautiful. The festival featured a Chinese Orchestra, Tai Chi Fan, a fashion show where the clothing was replica from the Tang Dynasty period, (Jess modeled a green Kimono with an umbrella), displays and exhibits of Chinese brush painting, Chinese calligraphy, food, musical instruments and more. It was quite well done and entertaining.

Jess was exhausted when it was all over with. She had to be there from 9 until it was over. I was very proud of her. She looked absolutely beautiful. She also made the newspaper and had her picture in - in silhouette - much to her relief. She was embarrassed to be seen in the costume which was a little revealing.

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Knights & Fair Maiden Academy said...

Your daughter is beautiful and how exciting!!! Thanks for stopping by to give support I truly appreciate it.