Thursday, September 18, 2008

More Bike Riding

We went for a long bike ride last night. I have been very discouraged with my weight loss efforts. I seem to be gaining even though I am not eating much. So I know exercise is an important key. The neat thing is that the weather has been fantastic this week for outdoor activity. We rode until it was almost dark. My dh stopped mowing the grass just to go with me. Today I am sort of sore, but that is a good sign that I actually had a good workout. So I'll do what FlyLady says and say to myself, "Go Me!" I don't really like to congratulate myself, but I have to learn to applaud my own efforts at trying to live a healthy life style, so that I can keep going. Otherwise, I will fall by the way side. And I've put WAY too much effort into this journey to turn back now.

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