Friday, December 22, 2006

Pumpkin Carving Extrordinaire

J and I went out to B's to carve pumpkins with her family and with the 2 Korean boys that she tutors in English. It was their first time to ever experience the American tradition of carving pumkins. I also picked up another youngster who is Chandler's age, and we stopped at the grocery store for goodies to share and pumpkins to carve. Actually, I was supposed to stop at a farmer's place on the way out there, but when the little guy caught sight of this very LARGE pumpkin, he just had to have it. And since his dad had given me $3 and it cost - you guessed it -$3 - I gladly took the opportunity to save myself a stop at the farmer's house. I just got one for Jess at the same time. The only problem was that my little charge couldn't CARRY his pumkin, so I had to carry TWO!



It was pretty funny watching them all get really grossed out by the pumpkin guts. They found out that it was a lot of work to clean those huge pumpkins out. And carving through the thick skins was more than a little difficult. They perservered, however.

Here is Harry pulling off the top to the sounds of "ooewe!!"

J & E were downstairs stenciling on theirs to make spiders and turkeys. Theirs turned out pretty neat.

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