Friday, July 08, 2011

Mackinac Pinks

We made a trip to Mackinac Island for a day and while there I took a few photos of pinks that I saw along the way. I will be linking up with Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for Pink Saturday, so take a few minutes to drop over and visit some wonderful pinkie bloggers!

Our first stop was at the coffee shop, The Beanery, where my daughter's friend works.  I must say she made a wonderful mocha for me! One of the best I've had!

Then we rented bikes and rode around the island. I just love, love doing that. The island does not allow cars, so it is a most beautiful and relaxing ride. You just have to avoid the occasional horse droppings!

And the last thing before we left was to drool over the fudge!
Last week, I highlighted one of my favorite blogs, but never had time to go visiting for Pink Saturday, so I will try again. If you'd love to see a wonderful, art-filled, inspirational blog, stop over to visit Pat at The Artful Diva.  She is great to share techniques and tutorials that I have learned so much from.
The Artful Diva

So, everyone, Think Pink! And head over to Beverly's to enjoy more pink finery! Happy Pink Saturday!


LV said...

A fun day with plenty of pinks along the way.

poppilinnstudios said...

Oh what memories! I grew up in Michigan and have been to Mackinac Island several times, but not in many, many years. Such a beautiful area. Thanks for sharing.

Cindy Adkins said...

Happy Pink Saturday!! I just love your pinks and your lovely visit!!!

Robyn said...

now I am craving a mocha cappucino!! ha the pink bikes and the glass signs are wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

Susie Jefferson said...

What fun - and yes, I'll have to have a mocha cappucino (I always have the ordinary one... no more, lol). Temptress, lol lol lol - there goes the diet.

This week, my contribution is a desktop screensaver calendar. Happy Pink Saturday from the UK!

Pat said...

Dear Tricia,

I'm honored that you would recommend my blog in your Pink Saturday post - thank you!

I love Mackinac Island. It's been years since we took the ferry over.

Consider taking a free class at or if you own Photoshop Elements, join for tons of info and tutorials.

Have a great week.

Kind regards,

DearHelenHartman said...

Visiting for Pink Saturday - love the pink bike - that thing gets around (which makes me think one day a bike like that can be MINE! Bwahahahaha). Love your blog.

Robin said...

I love Mackinac Island.
And how about those pink fun.
Have a pinkishly beautiful weekend.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Pink Saturday Tricia Sweetie...
Oh what a beautiful share. Thank you so much for taking me along to Mackinac Island for the day as well. I so enjoyed strolling along and window shopping. I could smell the mocha, oooh what a wonderful way to wake up this morning. SO delightful.
Loved that gorgeous arrangement they had on their table. So inviting.

I could feel the wind blow through my hair as I pedaled along with you this morning. That pink bike was the best choice. I loved passing by the gorgeous flowers. So colorful. The bleeding hearts were my favorite of course.

That Pink Pony at number 105 was beautiful. Love stained glass and this piece was so gorgeous. I bet it is stunning when the light pours through during the day.

Oh my gosh, fudge. Yummy, I am afraid I would still be there drooling over it. Love fudge. Chocolate with pecans or walnuts is my favorite.

So tickled you highlighted Pat, her blog is a treasure. She is so giving of her knowledge.

Hope you have a beautiful weekend sweetie. Many country hugs from Phoenix, Sherry

Daniella said...

Wonderful pinks!! Awesome!

Melody said...

Looks like you were in the pink this day! Love the images.

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

I have never been there but of course you make it seem very inviting! I saw my pink bike in your photo.... how fun to rent them as well.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy PS.

DeeJae (Deb) said...

Beautiful pinks! Beautiful Michigan pinks! I was hoping to see some more of Michigan! It's been 22 years since I've been to Mackinac Island, one of the places in Michigan I love!

Your welcome for the follow and thank you, too, for following me. I look forward to seeing more of your art and hearing more about Michigan. We love Michigan and especially Lake Michigan! Have a great vacation!

I responded to your comment at my blog too. :-)