Monday, November 02, 2009

A Halloween Review

We had a wonderful night of treats and friends and FUN! We have a tradition that everyone gathers at our house and goes Trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. It got started years ago when my bff had a new little guy and they live way out in the rural part of the county with no place to go Trick-or-treating, so....they came here and the rest is history. My college age daughter and her friends along with my high school daughter and her friends are still taking the "little guy" around, even though he is 9 now. They still LOVE taking him around. My 24yo ds and one of his friends got into the act by carving Darth Vader there and assembling our scary-guy mannequin. Some of our smaller trick-or-treaters were taking a closer look to see if he was real. It was soooo cute.

So here are some pictures of the fun. We had a total of twenty-two people! And that doesn't include the pets! What I love about these Halloween gatherings is that all my friends pitch in and bring goodies to share and while the kids go out, the adults get to hang around and socialize.

My dd as a gypsy.

She and her syncronized swimming pals.

The Jonas Brothers?!?

You may not be able to tell, but that is Hanna Montana on the left.

My other dd and her kitty, Elliot.

Her college friends!

The Trick-or-Treating Crew minus the boys

Does this kitty look like she wants to go Trick-or Treating? Not!

We had chili and bean soup, chips, dip, brie cheese and crackers, cupcakes, cake, ice cream, pretzels and hot mustard dip, cider and coffee and more. It is sort of funny how much food we have because all the kids want to do is eat their candy!

The Pumpkin Cupcakes! Yummy!

Well, this is a Halloween tradition that I hope continues for many years - even as the little guy gets older, I hope I'll have some grandchildren some day to add to the mix.  But for now, we just have lots of good, clean FUN!


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LemonyRenee' said...

What a fun time that looks like. Thanks for sharing!