Monday, March 23, 2009

Gratitude Questions

I read an article today that talked about how gratitude can improve your health. The article can be found here: Gratitude Improves Your Health. It recommended three questions that you could answer each day to help focus on gratitude in your life. Here are the questions.

* "What has surprised me?"

* "What has touched me?"

* "What has inspired me?"

I am going to give it a shot this week and see if I don't feel better. Today - March 23, 2009:

* "What has surprised me?" Birds singing.

* "What has touched me?" My husband fixing our dripping dryer vents last night

* "What has inspired me?" A post at Christus Gratiam Dat. - "Hotflashes: The Refiner's Fire?", written by a new Twitter friend.

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