Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Pets

The pets don't get much press around here, but they are definitely "involved" in our family. So here they are!

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Val Foster said...

Thanks for pics of your pets. Your cat looks so much like my cat Oliver, who is 2 1/2 yrs. old now. I've had many cats over the years, because I'm a cat lover. Oliver has a great personality, and loves to be in the middle of things. He was a feral kitten rescued from outdoors, but I was able to tame and socialize him. The only problem is that he can get very feisty, and I end with scratches all over me. He loves to attack my legs when I come up the stairs. I know he thinks he's just playing, but I sure don't enjoy it. It hurts!

Is your cat male or female, and what is its name? It's a very pretty cat. Your dog is a fine looking dog too.